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Illegibilus: Sebastian Pritchard by Everluffen Illegibilus: Sebastian Pritchard by Everluffen


:iconillegibilus: GOT HEAD BOY! Heck Yeah!

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Name: Sebastian Pritchard

Age: 18 y.o.

Gender: Male

Height: 1,81 m | 5 ft 9''

Weight:  73 kg

Birthday: 10th of May

Nationality: British

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 7th

Blood status: Half-blood


Personality: Curious | Discrete | Observing | Devoted | Serious | Calm
  Sebastian isn't one for cracking jokes, but he's in no way cold hearted. He's a very sympathetic guy, even though he might not always show it. He'll rarely ever reject someone asking for help, even if they haven't really tried themselves yet (that will just annoy him a bit, but he'll still help). Sebastian is quite ignorant to awkward silences since silence is never a bad thing to him, and therefore he won't be the first to speak unless he has something to say. That goes for everyday talking as well, he won't open his mouth unless he thinks he has something productive to say. He's not afraid to stand up to people, but he'll refrain from getting physical at almost any cost. That's why he takes a lot of time learning harmless but protective spells. He's not so easily startled. Not because he has particularly good hearing or anything, but he is wired so with any surprise or sudden happening he'll be quick to think logically. He's a curious guys (surprise), but he won't blarp out and yell up about what he wants to know. He's the kind of type who goes around quietly and sees if he can figure things out himself, or he'll ask someone discretely.

  His family has lived in nothern England for most of his parents generation. During Sebastian's life they only moved once when he was a baby and that was only to another nearby neighborhood. His roots from his grand-grandfather (on his mother's side) is from Egyptian, but it isn't something that takes up much room in the family. If they were ever to be asked, they'd all say they were completely British. Sebastian and his siblings spend a few years of school in a muggle primary school before their mother found out their father was a wizard. After that magic became a natural part of the everyday life, but the children still keep in contact with the muggle world.
   After having worked hard every year and done very well in almost all his subject at Hogwarts, he was proud to tell his family he'd been chosen as head boy for his seventh and last year at the school. A duty he takes seriously.

  This Ravenclaw comes from a family of two elder brothers (Logan & Chase) and a younger sister (Marilou). Being the youngest boy and closer to her sister than brothers in age, Sebastian spend most of his early childhood playing with her. Both his brothers graduated from Hogwarts shortly before Sebastian got his letter for the school. His younger sister is in her sixth year in Hufflepuff. The siblings' father (Robert) is a halfblood wizard and their mother (Bea) is a muggle who their father maet through his non-magical side of his family.

Reading and studying like the Ravenclaw he is. He's not a very sporty fellow, but he does like going for runs, prefereably in a quiet landscape area. His mother taught him the art of meditation when he was quite young, and he's held onto that practice (which is mainly done behind closed doors and by him lying flat on his bed - no lotus here).

- The open outdoors
- Fall & Winter
- Order (particularly in his school notes and in his room)
- Pie - any kind really
- Larger animals, such as big dogs and horses
- Charms and Transfiguration
- Quiet

- People being loud for the sake of attention
- Embarresement
- Unnecessary attention
- Others looking at what he's doing, while he's doing it
- Cats

Extra information:
- When Sebastian gets to warm his nose tends to start bleeding. This won't usually happen from sweating from exercise, but more generally if his body is overheated.
- Farsighted, which means he sometimes needs glasses to read.
- He has an excessive habit of writing everything down, meaning he's got loads of diaries and notebooks lying around.

School & Magic

Elective Classes: Apparition & Study of Ancient Runes

Extra Curricular: Hogwarts Ochestra (Cello)

-Scarpin's Revelaspell - Revellio
Analyzes the special properties and enchantments affecting a magical item. It is not
infallible, and both artifacts and objects enchanted with magic unknown to the caster
usually fail to turn up useful information.
-Levicorpus Hex - Levicorpus or Nonverbal
Levitates and dangles a victim by the ankles, a spell that has its roots in hazing rituals
nearly two centuries old.
-Undetectable Extension Charm - Unknown
Magically increases the internal area of a dwelling or container. Frequently used to create
bottomless bags and mugs, and to create tents and structures with a larger-than-normal
-Revealing Charm - Homenum Revelio
Reveals people near the caster. The Revealing Charm can effectively locate magically
concealed individuals as well, including those under the effects of an invisibility cloak.
-Rennervate - Rennervate
A moderately complex healing charm, which causes an unconscious subject to awaken.
Some conditions, such as powerful magically-induced unconsciousness, are non-
-Gemino Curse - Unknown
When an object bearing this curse is touched, it will self-duplicate, creating dozens of
worthless copies. A common theft deterrent.
-Patronus Charm - Expecto patronum
Summons a patronus from the caster's wand. This is a very complicated spell, often taking
years to truly master. Students rarely manage a full-fledged, corporeal patronus before
their seventh year.


Core: Dragon Heartstring

Length: 12 and a half inches

Wood: Apple

Flexibility: Unyielding


Name: Moxie

Species: Barn Owl

Gender: Female

Personality: The calmest bird you might ever meet. She's completely ignorant of
the world around her unless someone gets to close to her. Then she'll react aggressivly Only Sebastian can get near her
without trouble. She doesn't move much unless she has too.
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